Yo, Diary!

We are having to sleep in the stable overnight atm.
Well, I get bored.
So I tried to eat Oz’s blanket, because it was in a bag on the other side of the fence. I was doing a pretty good job, but then the human came and took it away from me.
She always takes away all the fun stuff, and she scolds me! And besides, Timmy was trying to eat it too, but he let go and went to the field before she noticed. At least I think she didn’t notice, because she didn’t scold Timmy.
I wanted to take it to the field with me and held on real hard, but she made me open my mouth and let go. Now there’s a big heavy thing on it.

It’s cold at the moment. Is it ever going to be warm again?

We do go out during the day, and the bottom field is okay…but there’s not enough grass.
There is grass in the other field.
Why can’t we go there?

The human also says I’m going for training soon.

Going where?

What is training?

Stormy, the confused rug eater.