Dear Diary,

With Gaga still not found or come home, Sia is hanging out with us a lot now.
She even made an egg the other day. Proud of the little thing.
Sia is doing a much better job hanging out with us than Gaga did. Louise is particularly looking out for her, even goes back for her when she loses track of us.
But we all wonder where Gaga went.
I hope she’s okay, but there are big birds in the sky…
Well, we try to stick with her, but sometimes the poop is just too tempting. We need to do our jobs, and scratch that stuff all over, getting the bugs out. After all, the human said we’re here for bug control.
I think we’re also doing a pretty good job with the egg production. 
She keeps saying she’ll come out of isolation clucking, sporting feathers and looking yellow.
Basically, she thinks she’ll turn into a chicken.
What’s wrong with being a chicken???


Confused Thelma