Dear Diary,

I like it when mum does what she calls a “Lazy Day”.
It’s like a regular day for us, but with all the running around she does, I suppose she needs one of those every now and then.

Today she did “Notalot”, which is awesome, as we get to snuggle a lot. 
I loooooove snuggles, but mum says I get very heavy and make her arm go dead.
How? I make sure I hold on to her neck, when I’m not in my jacket. That’s where I spent most of the day, with just the head poking out now and then.
Mum gets to wear my jacket, but it’s mine. It’s blue, and it has a lovely warm, soft sheep inside. And it’s big enough to really roll into a ball, sit on mums lap, with my paws on her shoulder, and I can give kisses without stretching much.
Then she said she’s really tired and was going to read a while. Well, we all came to read in bed. So we each found a spot (mine was snuggled to her side, real tight) and before long we were all “reading”. Sounded more like snoring, but there you go.
It was really nice. I didn’t even beat up Livvy.

We need more days of “Notalot”.

Sleepy Pixie.