Dear Diary,

Mum yelled at me.
REALLY loud.
All I wanted was cuddles, and she was sitting in front of the black clicky thing, so I walked over it to pat her face. Jezzy came too, and also walked over the clicky thing — and she let out this almighty scream and hollered at me.
At ME! (Jezzy too, but mostly me.)
What did I do? She has her paws on the clicky thing, why I can’t I have my paws on the clicky thing?
What is a “Novel”?
Is it a bad thing that half of it disappeared?
She was saying many, many bad words. Really bad words.
I hid in the blanket.
Later, she was okay. Said she had a backup, but that she lost edits.

Can I have cuddles now?

Livvy, disappearer of novels.