Bonjour, cher Journal!

It is a bonne day!
This matin, we were all bronzage apres un nuit eating herbe.
Then l’humain kicked us all out and stole all our poop again. I do not comprendre. Elle est très étrange.
Apres matin, she made a new field and raked the old one with l’herse.
Stormy and moi tried to aider, but she made “shoo-shooo!” sounds and we had to go. 
I think “Shoo” is chaussure, but Stormy says I’m wrong and it means go away.
Apres, we were allowed in le gazon. 
I try mange l’aliment of the chickens, but… C’est entree bloqué!
Elle claims last time j’ai détruit the feeder.
She needs to get a sturdier mangeoire, so it won’t break when my sabot touches it. Je ne suis pas à blâmer pour la mauvaise qualité!
Why is it always ma faute?

Au revoir!


P.S. Stormy is not right in le Tete.
I think he est homosexuel.
Très mauvais pour moi.

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