Dear Diary,

I think it is unfair that we have to share this blog with all the other beasts.
I could post every day, because we find new poop every day, and this could be reported on!
Since we are outside and walking around, we have many things to report.
Much pasta yesterday. And since it’s only Thelma and I, there is more to go around now!
Although I do miss those two little ones. 
The brown horse is trying very hard to make babies with the donkey. 
The donkey is not impressed at all and kicks him a lot.
He was so bad yesterday, the human took him on a long line and made him run in circles with a thing on his back for at least an hour. He was very sweaty afterward and left the donkey alone then.
She also put new posts in the field, but hasn’t put any of the white tape on it. Guess that will happen later.
Meanwhile, she says her hands still hurt and need to rest.
I guess she’ll do stuff again when they are better. Not that she’s doing nothing, but just…not as much it seems.
Well, I see there’s another poo pile to spread out. Gotta go!



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