Cher Diary,

A lot has happened since I’ve last blogged.
The English s’est amélioré, I am almost flowing now.

We were à l’extérieur since Mars, but le Temp was getting very bad and froid.
So we had to comme à l’intérieur, dans l’écurie. At first I didn’t comprende. But when the white stuff came down en nuit… Oui. Je comprende. None of us has winter fur, Oz has the red blanket on.

I went to sleep, and Stormy stood watch over me. That was nice, until he woke me because he wanted to play.

A matin, everything was blanc! But it melted.

Better inside when it’s like that. It means we have to mange hay though. We would prefer grass, and I think it’s mean that we are not allowed.

Au revoir!