Dear Diary,

It is very cold today, and it snowed a few times during the grazing time.
I have my rug on, because Mum says I get sick otherwise. Well, I do get a belly ache when I get cold, so I suppose she’s right. Besides, I don’t mind. It’s warm and snuggly. It’s red tho, and I don’t like red things.

Stormy doesn’t have a rug on, neither does Timmy. But they still have a bit of thick fur, so they don’t get as cold as I do.

The car got new shoes today, so Mum was out most of the morning. During a lockdown! Sheesh… rulebreaker. (She says it’s allowed, but I don’t believe that.)
We stayed inside last night, because there was rain / wind, maybe even snow forecast. Well, it was windy, they did get that bit right. And cold.
We’re in again tonight with hay and water, and she made the stable bigger for us. Timmy gets the best wind break, because he’s little and the cover on the sides is higher than he is.

I don’t mind coming in so much now, because I’m never alone in there. We all hang out together, with no divisions. It makes for a cozy area, but it’s big enough for all of us to lie down comfortably. Stormy likes his spot in the back anyway, more room for me and Timmy!

I hope it gets warm soon, so we can stay out and eat grass!!