Dear Diary,

Mum woke up and didn’t feel well today.
She made everything dark and just didn’t look right. She went outside, but then came in again and ran straight to the bathroom and made really funny noises.
Then she lay down on the sofa and pulled the fleeces over her.
We all knew something is wrong, so we made sure we keep her warm.
Even Pixie came and piled with Livvy and me. She didn’t even fight or grumble.
So we stayed like this most of the day, with mum getting up and running to the bathroom, then laying back down to sleep.
She felt better late afternoon, but for a while there… well. We weren’t sure.
She says it’s a migraine.
More like sleep sickness. 
Boy, she slept a LOT! Almost as much as we do!
Maybe she’s turning into a cat?
She went outside in the afternoon, and didn’t get back for a while. Apparently, because she had such a bad headache, she forgot to let the chickens out, but they managed to get the door open somehow. I take it neither Gaga, nor Sia are back and she fears the worst. She also made a new fence for the horses so they can eat grass.
But mostly, she needed lots, and lots of cuddles, which we provided in spades.


Jezzy, Nurse Extraoridinaire

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