Dear Diary,

The human was messing around with the silver thing and the thing attached to it today. No idea what it’s for really, but she spent ages on them. She calls the silver thing a “Jeep”. Whatever that is. The good thing was, she let us out into the sunshine, so we made sure we keep an eye on her.

When she was done with the silver thing attachment, she made lots of lovely poo piles for us. We hoiked it over to the poo piles because that’s where the tasties live.

But… she got into the silver thing, and then she STOLE all those lovely poo piles!! I was just getting started on one, when she comes along and yells at me. What’s all that about?

When she’d stolen all the poo — even in the field! — she left the silver thing and went inside, so we all followed and waited outside the door. Because usually she comes back out with the white yummies, and gives them to us.

This time she gave us lots, and Molly tried to steal more than her share straight out of the bowl! She just jumped up, grabbed a beak full, and gobbled it down. The cheek!

The horses had to go into the stable tonight, and our coop has extra bedding too. She says it’ll be very cold tonight, so now we’re all snuggled up.
Nighty night!