Dear Diary,

Apparently it’s my birthday today!
18, she says.
Wow. I didn’t even know. But then, she’s not sure either, because I have two passports, and each has a different date on it. So I’m either 18 now, or in May. Who knows? But she celebrates it in April.
I got carrots and lots of cuddles, and some nice feed.
She also took some pictures of me, and gave me a nice brush.
But there was a downer.
Sia disappeared.
So now both of the little chickens are missing. We don’t know what happened to them.
Sia was with the other two in the morning and in the afternoon she was gone. 
I hope she turns up. She likes those two little chickens and is a bit heartbroken that they both disappeared. She thinks a hawk might have got them. 
I was too busy eating to pay attention to the chickens. Besides, not my job. I generally just ignore them.
Well, that’s it from me today.


Oz, the Birthday Boy

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