Hello, dear Diary!

It’s Louise, the indoor chicken!
So, the human was making a lot of noise again today. She had some vibrating thing she used on the outside chair, and it made a stink and noise and dust.
I got nosy, wondering what she’s doing, so I came to check it out.
There was no noise at the time, but I could hear her in the other side of the house, so I looked in on her. She might be trapped or something.
She YELLED at me!!
There I was, checking if she’s safe, and she yells at me!
Told me to get out, and that it’s not a chicken house, and…well, I left that room, but I thought may be the other side is the chicken house? So I went through that door and headed upstairs.
She grabbed me! I was half way up the stairs, and she grabs me from behind, with no warning!
Then she takes me outside, scolding me the whole time. I have no idea why. It’s such a nice chicken house!
Well, she closed the door and I couldn’t get in anymore. I watched for a while, but then the man came with the big tractor and raked up all of the field, so I was very busy after that, getting all the bugs he scared up.
Sia helped, but she said when she went out on the path this morning, and down toward the nice shady areas where the big trees are, the human was not happy and ran after her. She got grabbed too! And yelled at!
Today is grab and yell day, apparently.
I still want to move into the new chicken house.



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